360° Marketing – how to manage the new marketing world now

Marketing is coming to it`s next level. A lot of things has changed in marketing like online-marketing, customer relationsship marketing, social computing or marketing with games and Second Life. Experts in theory and practice are questing for new concepts and tools to manage the new marketing world of tomorrow now.  It`s a change to a new paradigma like it happened when Mr Fusbery broke the rules of high jump with the new approach of jumping backwards: YouTube Preview Image

What is the challenge?
The change of thinking could be shown with the help of the cartoon:  The way  of old economy marketing could be understood as thinking in one direction: goods are produced, service is delivered, communication channels are used in the direction to target segments. This linear thinking leads to the result which is shown in the cartoon.


The new approach of 360° Marketing looks like this: create an „all-around-view“ on all marketing activities.  Try to understand how marketing and communication works in every direction, internal and external, to the customer and public, to suppliers and employees. Create a specific competitve advantage because of employee branding, communication of 360° facts and sustainability and a close relationship management to all stakeholders of your business. Marketing will work like this:

360 Degree Marketing

The discussion starts at the beginning of the 90th when the idea of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) come up in Europe and America. Don Schultz started in 1991 with an survey (Integrgarted marketing communication: a survey of national consumer goods advertising Northwestern University Report). He was the one who coined the item of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and established an institute and magazine on IMC atNorth Western University. Also in Europe Manfred Bruhn did research on IMC in those times. His status report can be read (in German).

Meanwhile the time changed. There is not only the functional approach to communicate with the customer but the customer also wants to communicate with the corporates. The customer generates his own content, recommends, rates and creates social communities to discuss the brand, the product and the marketing of corporates.

360° Marketing is an „all around-view“ on all marketing activities. Concept 360° orginates from management and is largely understood within the periphery of the management studies as feedback on the staff and the parties concerned. View 360° aims to strenghten the success and the competitiveness of an enterprise by means of an „all around-view“. Marketing with 360° has the same function: By means of an „all around-view“ all marketing activities are coupled in a single perspective and are combined for a successful dealing. This includes the traditional thought on marketing, the new challenge of marketing activities in the Web 2.0 or of customer relationship management and the fact that new marketing approaches are characterized by exceeding designing and interactive communication. 360° Marketing is creating an unique competitive advantage and gives a feedforward to all marketing activities of the corporate.

360° Marketing_Overview

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