There are many concepts of marketing which are spawned by the Internet and its diverse applications. Some concepts are emerge from technically focused applications such as cross media marketing, some are focused in more strategic applications such as integrated marketing communication (IMC). Marketing is a process which depends on technical, economical and social progresses. A part of this process is the development of technology in general and in particular the development of technology in communication and digital media. Another aspect that we have to take into account is the fundamental importance of values in social relationships and the challenges which come from the discussion about globalization, the shortage of resources, global justice and the responsibility for living conditions of future generations. Beginning with a consideration of the evolution of marketing the following thesis will be researched and discussed in the seminar:

Thesis 1:
Social Media (inclusive mobile media) has already changed the marketing environment. There are new structures in the relationship and communication between corporate and customers, but also between customer and customer about corporate. This influence of socializing information of a corporate or product between customers and customers needs to be further researched.
Thesis 2:
The customer as a communicator gets more and more in the centre. The challenge for marketing (Promotion, Corporate Communication e.g.) will be to aggregate communication and not only to broadcast information. Facing this challenge the invisible hand of the market can become more and more visible by the activities of the customers in Social Web.
Thesis 3:
Marketing of Sustainable Leaders is a framework, which considers the result of marketing not only in a short time perspective of effectiveness but also in a sustainable long time perspective of efficiency.

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Mödinger

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