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The Concept of Cube

As a result of our research we came up with a symbol: the six faces of a cube show the current developement in marketing. In the attached document you will find the outline for this concept. cube360marketing

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The evolution of marketing goes on

Marketing is coming to its next level. A lot of things have changed in marketing as online-marketing, customer relationship marketing, social computing or marketing with games and Second Life. Experts in theory and practice are questing for new concepts and tools to manage the new marketing world of tomorrow by now.  It’s a change to a new paradigm like it happened when Mr. Fusbery broke the rules of high jump with the new approach of jumping backwards.
What is the challenge?
The change of thinking could be shown with the help of a cartoon:  The way of old economy marketing could be understood as thinking in one direction: goods are produced, service is delivered, communication channels are used in the direction to target segments. This linear thinking leads to the result which is shown in the cartoon.