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Marketing 360°- Holistic Vision

Marketing 360°- Holistic Vision

In my opinion this picture, an eye having the total vision of the world, represents completely the idea of 360° marketing. It doesn’t deal with separately providing the tools, measures and communicative channels, delivering and internalizing messages, convincing the client and encouraging the purchase. It deals more with understanding the connections between all stakeholders of the company and their importance. To achieve this, business strategies (analysis, planning, organization, implementation and controlling) have to be implemented in the internal and external sources of communication for the organization to value the unity of all processes and their synergy.

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360° images: Interaction is the keyword

I chose the orchestra-picture in the context of 360° marketing.

In my opinion in a certain way it stands for interaction. All the musicians have to coordinate their work and go well together in order to make a good sound.

This is exactly what 360° marketing stands for. In the end all applied marketing instruments have to show up as integrative unit.

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360° images: Eternize the marketing bubble!

What has a soap bubble to do with the idea of 360° marketing? I imagine that the inside of the soap bubble symbolizes the whole product or brand world. And the transparent, colourful sparkling surface represents all crossmedia activities.

That means the media channels and the internal linkage should be transparent and noticeable for the recipients otherwise they don’t get to know where to find the way into the bubble. On the other hand the linking should consist of sparkling, interesting and varied enticements so that the recipients are attracted to follow the links and to get in the centre of the ad bubble world.

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360° images: Watch the radar carefully

I think all of the images can be related to 360° marketing in a unique way. The picture which shows the radar reminds me of 360° marketing, because it points out that monitoring is very crucial to create a successful campaign.

When developing an adapted marketing mix a lot of different aspects need to be taken into account in order to avoid failure. Just like a crew of a submarine has to watch everything on the radar carefully in order to avoid a collision and to discover a possible threat as early as possible.

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360° images: It’s all about the recipient

When I had a look at the 360° images I really liked the one with the round shaped lecture auditorium.
It can be understood in that way, that everything that happens in an integrated marketing process has to be planned so that it makes sense form every point of view the person is listening, the (prospective) customer.

Integrated marketing is not only about multichannel media, not about direct mailings, web applications, call centre or point of sale activities. These are strategies initialised form the company, it should be more about the consistent image all these activities create in the mind of the customer.

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The new 360° circular model

Integrated Marketing Communication started in the 90th when Don Schultz came up with his book „The new marketing paradigma – Integrated Marketing Communication“. Get some more insight of the IMC planning model of Don Schultz and the futher development of 360° Marketing Circular Model by reading this summary.


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360° Images

Be inspired by the 360° images and symbols. Think about what these pictures express. Is there any interpretation as a symbol? What is the strength, the meaning, the brightness of the 360° symbol? What is the impact to 360° Marketing?bildmotive1.png

Find some more symbols and post it as graffiti with your ideas.


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Post your ideas on 360° Marketing

Post your ideas on 360° Marketing as a graffiti in this category. It’s like a serious play! Be creative and try to get deeper through a process of innovative thinking.

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What is 360° Marketing?

The discussion starts at the beginning of the 90th when the idea of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) came up in Europe and America. Don Schultz started in 1991 with an survey (Integrated marketing communication: a survey of national consumer goods advertising Northwestern University Report). He was the one who coined the item of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and established an institute and magazine on IMC at North Western University. Also in Europe Manfred Bruhn did research on IMC in those times. His status report can be read (in German).

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360° Marketing Basics

There is a seminar on 360° Marketing/IMC together with the students of the electronic media master. You will find all material of this seminar in this category.

The 360° Marketing Basic lecture 360marketingimcbasic.pdf