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Geschützt: Twitter in the context of 360 degree marketing

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Introduction to New Business Marketing

New Business was developed based on 360° View and on the leadership in 360° Marketing Management. Many companies started to have a close view in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance e.g. But new business must be developed further based on sustainable business. It is not only a matter of using social issues for creating more values by corporate communications. The 360° Marketing Leadership creates more business through sustainable management.


A-Business: Companies do commercial business
B-Business: Companiess support social work by sponsoring
C-Business: Companies use CSR for promoting the brand, public and customer
D-Business: Companies create new business through sustained management and marketing

Categories: Seminar SS09

360° images: It’s all about the recipient

When I had a look at the 360° images I really liked the one with the round shaped lecture auditorium.
It can be understood in that way, that everything that happens in an integrated marketing process has to be planned so that it makes sense form every point of view the person is listening, the (prospective) customer.

Integrated marketing is not only about multichannel media, not about direct mailings, web applications, call centre or point of sale activities. These are strategies initialised form the company, it should be more about the consistent image all these activities create in the mind of the customer.