New Business was developed based on 360° View and on the leadership in 360° Marketing Management. Many companies started to have a close view in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance e.g. But new business must be developed further based on sustainable business. It is not only a matter of using social issues for creating more values by corporate communications. The 360° Marketing Leadership creates more business through sustainable management.


A-Business: Companies do commercial business
B-Business: Companiess support social work by sponsoring
C-Business: Companies use CSR for promoting the brand, public and customer
D-Business: Companies create new business through sustained management and marketing

To achieve 360° Marketing Leadership a special training for executive manager and young professionals is available provided by the IBR Institute of Sustainable Leadership.

„Leaders of tomorrow will be measured how they take responsibility through individual performance serving as an example for business and management worldwide.
This is not a moral obligation, it is common sense business thinking. A new paradigm will be created going beyond new products and markets expanded to a level of thinking beyond.“

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